From residential and commercial properties to municipal and industrial grounds, we handle the headaches so you don't have to.

sprinkler installation & maintenance

Sprinklers and Irrigation

A Properly designed and installed irrigation system can not only improve the looks of your property, it can reduce maintenance cost and add value.

Outdoor Lighting

Our lighting experts can show you how well designed outdoor lighting provides both beauty and safety to your property.

outdoor lighting

parking lot maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance

A poorly-maintained parking lot can cost business owners and property managers a lot of time, money and effort. We can help with drain, pothole, and curb repairs, striping,  crack filling, and more.

Snow & Ice Management

Harsh New Jersey Winters require more than just a pickup truck and snowplow. To effectively maintain a business property in winter requires careful preparation as well as proactive sanding, salting, and snow removal.

snow removal service


“I am extremely pleased with the outcome of this project. This company is professional, courteous, and efficient. I would definitely recommend Tanz Inc. to anyone who appreciates things done quickly and beautifully.”

“They were great! Came on time, completed the work, billed promptly. Very friendly and willing to explain things to me about our system that I didn’t understand. We have since had them come back and winterize our system as well, and will continue to use them next year. Definitely recommend.”

“Tanz Inc. is amazing. John called me many times. Returned every phone call within minutes. The before and after photos are amazing!!! As promised. John said, “when we are finished, you won’t even know we were here, and you will say Wow”. John is true to his word and a professional. His crew and team are outstanding.”

“This was a complete success in every way. The price was nearly 4 times less than the first price we had been quoted by another expert. The installation went smoothly and professionally, even though half of it was done in the pouring rain. Completely satisfied and highly recommended.”